Mike Baas

I began in fashion photography over 12 years ago, but began wedding cinematography in 2012 when the company I first applied for had filled their photography positions. I soon realized how much more I enjoyed capturing live moments and being able to tell a story through the process of editing.  

Most of my clients say I'm a ninja, and although I seem shy, and my wife does most of the talking, I greatly enjoy being involved in weddings. Being present for those special moments and experiencing happiness and joy in their truest form is what’s kept me in this industry for the last 8 years. And it’s what we aim to portray in the films we create.

Amber Baas

I started in wedding cinematography when I met the man of my dreams (that guy pictured next to me LOL). Through watching him, I completely fell in love with the editing process which later expanded to creatively capturing the beautiful images used to tell those wonderful stories. As I watched him edit, I would chime in, lovingly of course, which shots I loved and where I thought it would best fit. It became something we did together!

We consider it a true honor when we’re chosen to be apart of a couple's wedding day. Being able to capture and tell a story of a day filled with so much joy, love, and excitement…I mean how does it get any better than that?!